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 Is Frankie Coke-cozza at it again? Fears as fresh cocaine binge scandal hits teenager

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Is Frankie Coke-cozza at it again? Fears as fresh cocaine binge scandal hits teenager Empty
PostTēma: Is Frankie Coke-cozza at it again? Fears as fresh cocaine binge scandal hits teenager   Is Frankie Coke-cozza at it again? Fears as fresh cocaine binge scandal hits teenager EmptyPiektdiena Novembris 18, 2011 3:51 pm

He was the picture of contrition after being shamefully booted off X Factor for his infamous drink and drug binges.

However it seems salvaging his hopes for a singing career remains low on Frankie Cocozza's list of priorities.
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The 18-year-old has been caught up in new claims of drug taking while out partying this week.
According to the Sun Frankie snorted cocaine prior to an all-night binge on Tuesday evening.

'Frankie let himself down again. From somewhere he got hold of some coke. He was snorting it secretly behind the backs of his pals, ' a friend told the paper.
'Frankie loves the drink and the girls, but the fact he has again taken cocaine will alarm his friends and family. '

The singer partied with former X Factor band The risk and model Bianca Lake at the Aura club- which has a firm zero tolerance policy on drugs.
The group was apparently unaware of the Frankie's drug use on that occasion.

Frankie was hardly subtle in his antics however, as he also stomached two £400 Belvedere Vodka magnums and £200 worth of Jack Daniels over the course of the evening.

He then headed back to his Portebello Road hotel with Bianca, where they apparently stayed awake all night before emerging looking drained at 10am on Wednesday morning.

And the incorrigible teen was out partying yet again last night- after what might have been a perfectly civilised evening at Shrek: The Musical.
Perhaps the sight and sound of Kimberly Walsh strutting her stuff as Princess Fiona proved too thrilling an experience not to celebrate.

The hell-raiser hit the pub after seeing the show at the Theatre Royal in Covent Garden.

He was wearing the same OBEY T-Shirt that he was spotted in on Monday, so let's hope he gave it a wash before this outing.
t's a wonder Frankie had the energy for another heavy night, after his shattering escapades only hours previously.

After enjoying a beer (or several) the erstwhile singer rocked up to Jalouse nightclub, followed by the Freedom Bar in Soho, where he befriended a female partier outside the venue.

Possibly the singer later took a swing around the pole located downstairs in the club.
Frankie didn't share his good humour with the paparazzi however as he gave photographers a casual finger from the cab en route back to his Portebello Road hotel.

The line-up of the X Factor tour was announced today, but Frankie’s name isn't on the list at present.

He will be included however on the 2012 road trip if he cleans up his act.
A source told The sun: 'If he keeps his nose clean there will be a place for him. '

The shaggy-haired reject bowed his head with shame last week, saying he was 'really, really sorry' for the furore he caused being kicked off the show.

But falling out of clubs and causing a scene in public won't get him back into Simon Cowell's good books anytime soon.
Syco boss Cowell has so far given him the benefit of the doubt, saying: 'He's a young kid and he made a mistake but he walked out with some dignity. '

'If he sorts himself out and learns how to behave he could enter again next year. '

Last week Cocozza was sensationally kicked off the ITV reality show amidst allegations of cocaine use.
At the time, Frankie said: 'I feel bad about letting the fans down and I'd like to apologise to the people who voted for me. I'm really, really sorry. '

Cocozza has now been replaced on the show by Rowland's act Amelia Lily, who was originally eliminated in the first live show.

Lily will now fight for survival against the five other remaining acts; Little Mix, Craig Colton, Marcus Collins, Janet Devlin and Misha B.
While Frankie's fate remains unknown, Misha B, Janet Devlin, Marcus Collins, Johnny Robinson, Craig Colton, Little Mix, The risk, Kitty Brucknell, and Amelia Lily are all set to appear on the X Factor live tour 2012.

The tour- which kicks off in Manchester on February 25- has been the biggest-selling arena show for the last three years, with over two million people turning up to see the live show.

Girl Group Little Mix gushed about their selection: 'We cannot believe it, we’re the first girl group ever to go on The X Factor tour and it means so much to us. '

'For us to come on this journey together and now have the opportunity to play some of the biggest arenas in front of people that have voted for us is just mind blowing. '
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Is Frankie Coke-cozza at it again? Fears as fresh cocaine binge scandal hits teenager
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